3 Mall Activation Ideas that Took Over Dubai

October 08, 2017

Dubai has been overtaken by creative mall activation ideas this year. The city of innovation has become very well known for doing everything bigger and better, including our mall activations. The concept of mall activations and out of home marketing promotions are not a new. Still, Dubai has managed to set the standard for successful campaigns. Take a look at some of our top 3 mall activation ideas in Dubai that occurred in 2016.


Creative Mall Activation Ideas


1. Discovery Channel x OSN - Shark Week at the Dubai Mall

One of the largest challenges that many brands face when planning creative mall activations is finding a way to combine digital engagement into the physical world. The Shark Week campaign at the Dubai Mall Aquarium was able to do so seamlessly; integrating both digital technology and live marine life. Aquarium visitors walked into a digital shark tank set in the perspective of a diver. It a featured a glass-roofed tunnel with marine life swimming above. To avoid any disturbance to the animals already hosted at the aquarium, iconic great white sharks were added through CGI rendering.



How would DXBEE improve this?
This highly innovative mall activation idea was created to educate people about the importance of sharks in our ecosystem. Despite being able to seamlessly bring digital technology into the physical world, the activation could have also brought the physical into the digital world. Live webcasts, virtual reality tours and an interactive landing page allowing website visitors to engage with and affect the behavior of the digital sharks within the tank- are a few ideas on how they could have improved their online presence during the campaign.

2. Majid Al Futtaim - Monopoly at Mall of the Emirates City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif

Developing creative mall activation ideas is highly dependent on making guests want to stop and check you out. The Majid Al Futtaim Monopoly activation hit this goal on its head. Recreating a life-size version of the famous board game, shoppers who spent over 300AED in the mall could present their receipt to play. The activation included chances to win a visit to well-known Majid Al Futtaim attractions including Ski Dubai and iFly Dubai. Integrating social media, players were able to gain points and prizes by posting online.


How would DXBEE improve this?
Monopoly's mall activation idea attracted bystanders and invited them to engage. An issue that they ran into was managing that traffic. By inviting guests to show their receipts for eligibility to play, they used promotional staff to collect data and manage queues. Each game lasted around 10 minutes, therefore, the queue of players grew quite long, resulting in loss of participants. To improve this, we would integrate digital kiosks allowing guests to quickly scan their receipts, fill out surveys and join in on the fun. This would lessen the need for promo staff, pens, papers and long line ups.

3. Dubai Tourism - Here Today, Dubai Tomorrow at London's Waterloo Station


Alright, so let's admit it, this is not exactly a mall activation idea. But it is the largest experiential marketing activation in the UK. Organized by Dubai Tourism, 'Here Today, Dubai Tomorrow' was a week-long campaign that invited commuters in London's Waterloo Station to experience Dubai's sights and attractions. Using interactive event technology customers were able to interact using 360-degree video gaming, virtual reality displays, and unique optical illusions. Guests won daily trips to the Emirates, and digital influencers spread the word using video blogs and photo essays.


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